August 15, 2020
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What’s Trending in Aerospace – August 2, 2020 – Aviation Today

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Commercial Aviation

Boom Supersonic, Rolls Royce to Explore Overture Propulsion Development

Boom Supersonic and Rolls-Royce publicly confirmed an agreement to explore the pairing of a Rolls-Royce propulsion system with the future supersonic passenger aircraft, Overture that is under development for entry into service in the mid 2020s.

The goal of the new agreement is to work together to identify the propulsion system that would complement Boom’s Overture airframe, the two companies said in a July 30 press release. The teams will investigate whether an existing Rolls Royce engine architecture can be adapted for supersonic flight, while Boom’s internal team continues to develop the airframe configuration.

JetBlue to Start Using Honeywell’s UV Light Cabin System

JetBlue has received the first set of Honeywell’s new UV cabin light system. (Honeywell Aerospace)

JetBlue has become the first U.S. airline to start using Honeywell’s new UV Cabin System, which the company describes as a UV light system capable of transversing an aircraft cabin in less than 10 minutes.

Under a pilot project, JetBlue will evaluate the effectiveness of the new system, and has received eight devices from Honeywell.

“With the safety of our crew members and customers our first priority, JetBlue’s Safety from the Ground