September 29, 2020
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Aerospace Technology Institute Launches One-Year Study of Zero Emission Commercial Aircraft – Aviation Today

The Aerospace Technology Institute will bring more than one hundred people onboard for a year-long feasibility and design study of zero-emissions commercial aircraft. (ATI)

The UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) will lead a one-year project to study design challenges and potential for a zero-emission commercial aircraft, a part of the Jet Zero Council launched by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in July to tackle climate change and establish national leadership on carbon neutral long-haul air travel.

Executives from ATI, speaking during a webinar about the project, described it as an effort to holistically explore the potential to realize a zero-carbon emission commercial aircraft, with 80 seats or more, by the end of the decade, with potential for a follow-on phase to include a major demonstrator project.

“The prime minister spoke about his ambition to achieve some bold carbon reduction … he’s completely bought into it, and they see FlyZero as forming a key component of that mission,” said Gary Elliot, CEO of ATI. “This is a transformative project that has the potential to have a follow-on moonshot phase if we get it right.”

Working with partners across the UK’s aerospace sector, ATI intends to bring up to 110 people into its organization as “secondees,” where they will work for the FlyZero project full-time with salaries and expenses paid by ATI. Most will be engineers, but smaller teams will also be stood up to examine markets, commercial viability, production, lifecycle and supply