January 17, 2021
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Gathering of Eagles united for virtual event – Aerotech News

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Think back to the early days of the Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis comedy team; Bill Gray and Jim Brown somewhat eased into those roles as straight man and sidekick, when they hosted the first-ever virtual Gathering of the Eagles, Oct. 17, which focused on this year’s theme, “Battle of the X-Planes.”

Both men often go by their call signs: Gray’s is “Evil” and Brown is “JB.” Evil and JB both flew the F-117 and are good friends. Their wives, both named Lisa, are Flight Test Historical Foundation board members, who recruit Evil and JB to put their professional skills to use at foundation events.

As Master of Ceremonies, Gray welcomed roughly online 155 participants, with Brown as his co-host and moderator for the panel discussions. Gray told participants, “Lisa and I miss seeing all of you in person.” Lisa Gray is the most recent past chairwoman of the foundation’s executive board, while Lisa Brown serves as the foundation’s director of education.

“Flight test is all about adaptation,” Gray said. “I hope you will find tonight’s adaptation — a teaser event — an enjoyable and interesting time; next year we’ll get together and do this properly.”

Gray described the night’s schedule to the first group of participants to arrive through Zoom at 4:30 p.m. for a